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What is e-Credit Line

e-Credit Line is a revolving line of credit specifically designed to finance purchases on Alibaba.com from Chinese suppliers. It is an open credit line that you can draw from any time as long as the amount is over US $5,000 and there is credit available. Alibaba.com customers can enjoy preferential rates, no early payment penalties and - more importantly - there is no need to deplete cash reserves while your goods are in transit.

Our partner in the USA :

Lending Club (NYSE: LC) is the world’s leading online credit marketplace connecting borrowers and investors. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, it operates fully online with no branch infrastructure and uses innovative technology to deliver simple, low cost business loans.

Why Choose e-Credit Line ?

1. Minimum requirements for applicants
3. Provided by award-winning local lenders
2. Competitive rate & no prepayment penalties
4. Trade financing in minutes without
grueling paperwork

Our Customers’ Voice

  • Bison Supply LLC,
    Buffalo, TX
    “Today, our business has grown to seven employees with over $4 million in revenue. Without our recent small business loan through Lending Club, we wouldn't have been able to purchase more inventory to expand our business. I would recommend Lending Club to any business owner who is looking for a loan with competitive interest rates, streamlined process and speed.”
  • Champions On Display,
    Norman, OK
    “Lending Club's combination of an easy to use online platform, a knowledgeable client advisor and affordable rates is a trifecta that is unique to other sources of financing I've checked out in the past. None of the traditional or alternative lenders I've tried could match the $100,000 loan with a 7.9% rate that I was able to borrow through Lending Club's platform.”
  • Roy Landesberg,
    ProTec Industrial Supply LLC,
    Mount Kisco, NY
    “Filling out the application at Lending Club’s website was quick and easy, but at the same time, it was also serious and efficient. It inspired my confidence in a way banks never did. I got loan approval in 20 minutes, and the next day, a phone call. Unbelievable. In my lifetime, I never believed it was true to get a loan so quickly. I’m a well-capitalized owner and I feel like Lending Club was the first lender to really help me. They just help business owners like me get things done.”

Product Features

Competitive Features e-Credit Line Other typical business loans
Product Structure Open credit line where you can draw any time as long as the amount is over US $5,000 and you have credit available. One-time use term loan
Type of Tate
Simple interest rate :
Based on WSJ prime rate and a risk spread.
Factor Rate :
This is not an interest rate, and can make expensive loans appear cheaper.
Fee 1% or 2% of draw amount; no set up fee or annual membership fee 2.5% of original loan amount
Early Pay Off US $0 - You can eliminate interest costs by paying off any time. You’re charged interest for the entire loan – even if you pay off early.
Total Annualized Rate 6% - 28.8% 35% - 99%

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* All loans made by WebBank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. Your actual rate depends upon credit score, line amount, and credit usage & history. It is variable and consists of Prime + a spread that is fixed for 6 months from your line approval date. The variable portion of your interest rate is indexed to the Prime Rate as published in the "Money Rates" section of The Wall Street Journal.
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