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What is e-Credit Line

e-Credit Line is a revolving line of credit specifically designed to finance purchases on Alibaba.com from Chinese suppliers. It is an open credit line that you can draw from any time as long as the amount is over £150 and there is credit available. Alibaba.com customers can enjoy preferential rates, no early payment penalties and - more importantly - there is no need to deplete cash reserves while your goods are in transit.

Our Partners in the UK :

iwoca is a new finance provider dedicated to small businesses. Its innovative technology allows it to make faster, fairer lending decisions than traditional providers. iwoca was recently named as the Alternative Lender of the Year for business credit.

Ezbob is a direct lender in the UK headquartered in London. Ezbob with its sister company Everline is the largest direct electronic lender in the country. Ezbob offers Alibaba’s UK buyers up to £120,000 in e-Credit Line.

Why Choose e-Credit Line ?

1. Minimum requirements for applicants
3. Provided by award-winning local lenders
2. Competitive rate & no prepayment penalties
4. Trade financing in minutes without
grueling paperwork

Our Customers’ Voice

  • Yuliya Price
    “The application process was so easy and incredibly quick. Everybody that I spoke to was really helpful, especially my account manager Dean.”
  • Chris Nixon
    “iwoca helped me to bridge the cash flow gap to make sure I could keep up with demand. I have a really good relationship with my account manager, Nick.”
  • Rushforth Media
    “Everline's application process was very efficient and transparent. It was all done online, but I spoke to actual humans along the way and all my questions were addressed. The flexibility was key, as we were able to set repayment terms to suit the business' needs. Simon Clegg, FounderRushforth Media”

Competitive Features

Competitive Features iwoca Ezbob
Credit Amount & Repayment Terms Borrow GBP£100 - £120,000 for up to 12 months Borrow up to £120,000 for 15 months
Monthly Interest Rate 0.75% to 2% 0.75% to 2%
Fees Absolutely no other fees Absolutely no other fees
Application Processing Time Sign up in just 5 minutes and get funded within 24 hours Apply online in 10 minutes and receive a funding answer in one hour


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Contact Us

Every e-Credit Line customer gets a dedicated UK-based account manager.
+44 203 397 3375 ecl@iwoca.co.uk

Contact Us

Every e-Credit Line customer gets a dedicated UK-based account manager.
0800 011 4787 customercare@ezbob.com
iwoca Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit. Interim licence number: 647963.
ezbob is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Interim Permissions Reference Number is 647816.
This offer and financing service is provided and operated by iwoca and ezbob. Alibaba.com and its affiliates are not involved in offering or providing the financing services set out herein. “Alibaba.com” and its devices are trademark designs of Alibaba Group Holding Limited and are used under licence.